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We understand that finding a church can be a bit challenging. Walking into an unfamiliar place, new faces (even if invited by someone you know) and new practices can be unsettling for the first-time. What should you expect when worshiping with us?

Our Style does not require the wearing of traditional church attire (unless, of course, you want to). Just always remember you're representing the KING OF KING’S and THE LORD of LORD’S with your best. Your jeans, sneakers, dockers, sweaters, and polo shirts are all acceptable at S.M.B.F.

We want you to be able to come and enjoy the service as our Special Guests. No one will single you out, put a sticker on you or ask you to openly speak. You will, however, be greeted by friendly people as you enter the doors. There is a point in the service where we greet one another, some shake hands and others give hugs (your participation is optional). Here at S.M.B.F. guest are special. We would like for you to fill out a guest card for us (if you fill out this card you will receive a welcome letter and information about S.M.B.F and its ministries you expressed interest therein.) No one will show up at your doorstep without an invitation! We respect your privacy! Completed guest cards can be given to an usher, greeter, or any of the church leadership before you leave. As a guest you will receive a welcome packet from the hospitality.

 Finally, our Pastor's would certainly love the opportunity to meet and greet you personally at the conclusion of service.